Video Conferencing Benefits Video conferencing offers opportunities for collaboration, productivity, and increased engagement with colleagues, stakeholders, and customers — all without the hassle (and cost) of traveling to an in-person location.

let's focus on four:

  • Video conferencing is a cost-effective opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with colleagues, prospects, stakeholders, or customers. It's more personal and engaging than a phone call, and it's much cheaper and more efficient than paying to commute — or fly — to a physical location to meet someone for an in-person conversation.
  • Like mentioned above, video conferencing offers an opportunity for more personal connection. Eye contact, facial expressions, and body language are cues we use to effectively communicate with one another on a daily basis — and those cues are all lost in a phone or email conversation.
  • Video conferencing can increase your team's productivity, since it limits the amount of time you spend running to conference rooms in-between meetings, driving to meet a client, etc.
  • Video conferencing can foster increased collaboration, as opposed to email or Slack. For instance, if I hear an interesting project a colleague is working on, I'll ask them to join a quick video call with me so we can discuss opportunities for collaboration — which is much more efficient than emailing about it.