Artificial Intelligence & Electronics Machine Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Electronics Machine Deep Learning Eliyaana is not only a real-life representation of AI, but she is also an addition to our family! By being both compatible and configurable, she is programmed to integrate business logic and initiate self-decision making tasks on her own. With Eliyaana, the possibilities are endless.

Additionally, she is designed to answer questions in real-time and display both video and audio formats when required. We’re proud to announce that Eliyaana has capable potential when it comes to teaching peers and folks since she’s integrated with a projection facility as well as a vast video library.


How It Works

Eliyaana is constructed to be versatile and change accordingly to a business’s needs. She is open to working with any industry, whether it is HealthCare, Manufacturing, and Education. This is possible since we have developed her to create and initiate business-oriented logic and character. By doing so, she can eradicate any sort of mundane task and save you your time, energy and resources.


We are grateful to Sparx3D for their tremendous assistance. As previously stated, they have captured our idea and converted that dream into a tangible reality.

Artificial Intelligence

Our efficacious journey began by adapting AI into our business model and we couldn’t have done it without the help and support from Sparx3D.


Our trump card isn’t just Eliyaana. We have successfully extracted a few features and integrated into other platforms as well. Currently, it’s a work in progress.

We complete every project with extra care as customer need.

Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority. Rather than building applications as a one-time commitment, we’re looking forward to establishing a long-term connection that ensures sustainability and quality assurance. Furthermore, it is our passion to make sure that all the requirements are met at a certain cost. Every project we had set our foot in has been completed with guaranteeing positive affirmatives from our clients and customers. If you’re looking to collaborate and create something dynamic, contact us!

Powerfull Mobile And Online App

Just like all the embedded applications in your household, you can have the privilege to control and communicate with Eliyaana through your laptop/tablet/smartphone. Once the app is configured, you have instant access to our platform, therefore, allowing you to communicate with Eliyaana, receive updates and newsletters, and many more!

Brings More Transparency And Speed

With Eliyaana, we ensure the instant transmission of communication and real-time decision-making processes. She is programmed to be an effective member of an organization where crucial decision making is pivotal and is ready to provide assistance to non-experts.

Special For Multiple Use Capabilities

Truthfully, communicating and establishing a mutual understanding are critical components when it comes to building an effective teamwork environment. Therefore, satisfying these needs in a human-robot collaborative situation can be extremely strenuous since people and robots are most unlikely to bond over a common ground to express emotions, ideas, intentions, or even simple plans.